Why Jennifer Coolidge Avoids Watching The White Lotus

Tanya Coolidge is banal to the point of delirium, her grief and privilege propel her through the show at icy speed. When she first enters the hotel’s spa, her voice is in the air like a cello bow, greeting caregiver Belinda with a deceptively angelic greeting. Indeed, at first she seems to Belinda a gift from above, and Tanya becomes so obsessed with her ability to relax people that she encourages Belinda to develop a plan for a business for which she promises to provide financial assistance.

While this may change the life of a working-class spa worker, it becomes painfully clear that – out of sheer selfishness – Tanya will ultimately fall short of her promise and leave her vacation friend with nothing but broken hopes and broken promises. It’s a challenging role for anyone to play, as Tanya fully embodies the unintentional and often well-intentioned ways in which these wealthy guests harm those they come in contact with. She’s not evil, she’s just careless, sincerely.

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