Why Jennifer Coolidge Initially Tried to Turn Down White Lotus Role

In an interview with New York Times Even before Jennifer Coolidge won an Emmy, the actress admitted that her role in The White Lotus almost didn’t materialize due to her own anxiety.

When asked what she thought about the role of Tanya McQuoid when she was first introduced, she answered honestly and mercilessly, “I certainly didn’t think it would lead to this. You know it was a huge risk for [show creator Mike White] give me that big part. I am sure that he had to go through all the obstacles to get my approval, and that they were thinking about some more famous actresses. But he gave me a chance and I’m delighted because things could have gone differently.”

Coolidge revealed that her first reaction to the prospect of playing Tanya was anxiety. “I was a little nervous about it and tried to get out of it. I really tried. I didn’t want to be the only one in the cast who didn’t make it,” she admitted. Luckily for everyone involved (including the audience), Coolidge overcame her fears and ended up performing on the show.

And, she added, there is a lesson in that for anyone who is nervous or worried about the possibilities in their lives. “When you want to try to get out of something, maybe that’s the best thing you can do,” Coolidge mused.

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