Why Jeremy Allen White has never been the same since Shameless

According to Jeremy Allen White, portraying the same character for such a long time was no walk in the park. Shameless premiered in 2011, airing 134 episodes before ending in 2021 (via IMDb). As one of the few characters to appear in every episode of the show, Lip carries a significant amount of storytelling each week. Between the tight filming schedule and the fact that the actors had to memorize their lines every day, it’s understandable that White felt the pressure. According to the actor, he spent so much time playing Lip that over time he struggled with his self-esteem.

“There was a period when I stopped feeling like an actor, and it began to seem to me that I was only here to star in this show,” White said. GQ. “It was an unpleasant place in my head. As it drew to a close, I wondered, “Maybe I just exist on this show. What else do you have? I’m an actor?”

It looks like the actor has been battling burnout that can hit even the best of us. Despite the lingering hesitation White faced as Shameless ended, he is moving forward in his career at full speed. The Bear depicts the restaurant industry so realistically that it’s hard for chefs to finish it, in part because of White’s tough acting (via Enjoy your meal).

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