Why Jonah Hill Doesn’t Want Fans to “Comment” On His Body

Joanna Hill She has a message for her Instagram followers.

Of The Wall Street Wolf. Known for acting. Sharing fun and light-hearted content. On social media. However, he changed things on Wednesday, October 13 to remind his fans that words have power. In particular, the 37-year-old star went on Instagram to ask what people can do. Stop pointing out its appearance.It doesn’t matter if they intend to be positive.

“I know you mean good, but I beg you not to comment on my body. [red heart emoji] Good or bad, ” Very bad The actor shared “I want to politely tell you that it is not helpful and does not look good. Very respectful.”

Many people praised the Oscar nominee in the comments section, including a couple of A-listers.

Saturday night live.Of Eddie Bryant. Apparently agreeing with Younes’ message, replying with a checkmark emoji, while. SZA He replied, “I absolutely love you. Thank you !!”

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