Why Julia Louis-Dreyfus will never watch the first episode of Seinfeld

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was not featured in the pilot episode of Seinfeld, originally titled The Seinfeld Chronicles, because the female character in the show, meant to contrast with the guys, was supposed to be Claire (Lee Garlington), a waitress at Pete’s restaurant. However, the Garlington character was dropped, as notes HuffPost. According to an inside look at the first season of the show, Louis-Dreyfus was not cast as Elaine Benes – Jerry’s ex-girlfriend turned platonic girlfriend – until they started filming another season 1 episode, “Male Separation”. It’s also worth noting that the character’s name was supposed to be Eileen, according to Seinfeld casting director Mark Hirschfeld.

In an interview about the making of Seinfeld, Louis-Dreyfus told the filmmakers that not only had she never seen the pilot, but she had no intention of watching it either. “I don’t know why, it just seems superstitious,” she said. admitted. Later she will say that she doesn’t feel comfortable participation in a project where she is present in only one scene, as in “Male Break”.

It’s hard to imagine a Seinfeld version without Elaine’s intense antics, so it makes sense that she chose to skip the episode where her character doesn’t even exist. Luckily, the actress fit in perfectly with the show’s set, as Michael Richards noticed that she showed up in cowboy boots on the first day. “I said, ‘Ah, yes, this is our girl,’” he said during the filming of the Seinfeld video.

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