Why Lucy Albright from Hulu’s ‘Tell Me Lies’ Looks So Familiar

Grace Van Patten is the actress who played Lucy in Tell Me Lies and she had her first acting role in 2006 in the widely acclaimed hit drama The Sopranos. The show, created by David Chase, of course, follows New Jersey gangster Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) as he balances his life of crime with his family life. Van Patten played Ellie Pontecorvo, the daughter of mobster Eugene Pontecorvo (Robert Funaro), and appeared in two episodes of Season 6 (via IMDb).

As it turns out, Van Patten was involved with The Sopranos before appearing in the crime drama — her father, Timothy Van Patten, was a frequent director on the series (he only directed 20 episodes, according to the data). IMDb). However, Van Patten said all he did was get her an audition and she took him out of there.

In 2017, Van Patten told W magazine“My dad said, ‘I’ll get you an audition and then I’ll leave. I’m not going to do anything.” He wasn’t around when I auditioned and I remember being very scared.” After she got the role, this experience became defining for her. The actress added, “It was definitely my first vivid memory of acting and saying, ‘I love this.’

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