Why Marianne of You season 4 looks so familiar

Once Gabrielle began taking on larger roles in larger productions, she began using her real name instead of her stage name. In 2016, she landed a one-off role as a clown named Wacky Jackie in the Zendaya-directed Disney Channel spy comedy KC Undercover. That same year, Gabrielle followed KC Undercover with a small role in Nickelodeon’s superhero sitcom The Thundermen, in which she plays Hacksaw, the daughter of thief and Games of Scones coffee shop owner, Chainsaw.


However, fans will most likely recognize Gabrielle from her breakout role as the recurring character Gaia on The CW sci-fi series The 100. Her long tenure on the show began in season 4 of the series as the Keeper of the Flame, the guardian of the precious AI known as the Flame. As part of a cult known as the Grounders, the Flame held the collective memory of all of its previous leaders. Gabrielle played Gaia from season 4 until the season 7 finale, in which her character is one of the few who stayed with series protagonist Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) after Transcendence.

While playing Gaia, Gabrielle went on to have a one-off role on an anthology series called Dimension 404 and for four episodes in the second season of the Hulu survival horror series Freakish. The show centers on a group of high school students who must band together to survive a zombie invasion following the explosion of a nearby chemical plant. Gabriel plays Birdie, a teenager who participated in an experiment before being rescued.

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