Why Mark Hamill’s Young Sheldon Fans Are Insane

September 16, 2022 it all started with an innocent tweet sent out by CBS stating that Spooks is having a new time slot, right after Young Sheldon. “Ghosts” answered with the words: “We love @IainLoveTheatre! He and @MarkHamill may have to discuss who our biggest fan is.” Ian Armitage, who played Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon. answered“The answer is definitely me!! Sorry @MarkHamill – you win every other competition, but I’m definitely the biggest fan!!” Enter Mark Hamill in the subject, speaking Armitage: “I know better than to disagree with someone who plays a man so convincingly who is so much smarter than I could ever hope to be. You also turned out to be a wonderful actor!”

Armitage obviously didn’t expect Mark Hamill to join the conversation, but was delighted by it, even suggesting that Hamill watch Spooks together. Hamill answered one last time with the huge compliment that “Young Sheldon” has “one of the best ensembles”. [casts] all over television. Every actor is EXCELLENT in their roles!”

Fans went crazy knowing that Mark Hamill was watching the show and some, like @lightwood_18, saying “Ok now I need @MarkHamill to guest star on @YoungSheldon please can this happen please??” Hamill was reportedly disappointed to play himself in The Big Bang Theory. TV promo), so this is the perfect chance for the actor to appear in Young Sheldon as someone else. Let’s hope Steven Molaro or Chuck Lorre are listening.

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