Why Mary of the Winchesters looks so familiar

Perhaps the first place viewers recognize Meg Donnelly is in Netflix’s Team Toon, which also stars Trevor Teichmann, John-Christian Costable, Tony Mitchell, Jerome Stevens Jr., and CJ Deal. This Netflix show came out in early 2013 and is about friends who discover that their work actually comes to life. Of course, when you have animated characters come to life, they end up fighting villains, which is the core of the show. For 26 episodes, Donnelly plays the character Ash, one of the aforementioned people with the ability to bring cartoons to life.

Speaking with Short reviewDonnelly was asked what her dream role would be and she replied, “My dream role is to play in a Marvel movie. Marvel is definitely a dream. I think acting in an action movie would be a lot of fun. just being an addict heroine like someone like Scarlet Witch from The Avengers, I think she’s so cool Or like Rey from Star Wars..’ I have a lot of respect for these characters.” At least she already knows what it means to have fantastic powers and be part of a team, given her tenure with Team Toon.

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