Why Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara Have 2 Toilets Next to Each Other

Dear future husband, what do you think about this bathroom setup?

As Meghan Trainer And Darrell Sabara Keep getting used to your new status as a parent, the couple is trying to make life as easy as possible. Part of that involves updating their bathroom.

Appearing on Spotify. Why don’t you date me Podcast, Meghan revealed the request she made to finalize her new home for construction workers.

“No one knows, but in our bathroom, there was a toilet, and at midnight when we With baby“We have to urinate at the same time,” he told the host. Nicole Byrne On October 1.

Meghan added, “We have two toilets next to each other and we have only popped together twice. We urinate a lot at the same time.”

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