Why Mortal Kombat Fans Were Confused About Cole’s Personal Life

Besides Cole Young trying to survive and unlock his arcana, he fights for a different reason in Mortal Kombat. He wants to keep the rest of his family, his wife Allison (Laura Brent) and daughter Emily (Matilda Kimber), from the dangers of Shang Tsung’s forces. Although, as follows from the comment Redditor u/GreenGemsOmallythe movie didn’t explain very well how they all connected. “I literally didn’t realize that the two girls were supposed to be a wife and child until the very end of the movie. I thought it was a girl and little sister,” they wrote, prompting many others to express similar thoughts when they first saw the film.

As other Reddit users have explained, the chemistry between the Young family actors and their appearances, which make them appear to be of a different age than they really are, has led to this confusion. It must be imagined that this misunderstanding eclipsed much of these people’s enjoyment of the story. Fortunately, according to screenwriter Jeremy Slater, he and the team working on the sequel heard all the feedback from fans and took it to heart. “I think they definitely learned some lessons last time around: ‘Here’s what the fans reacted to, and here’s what people liked about the movie, and here’s what didn’t work out the way we hoped,'” Slater said. Straight.

Judging by Jeremy Slater’s comments, one can only hope that when Mortal Kombat 2 finally releases, it delivers certain points to audiences much better and doesn’t confuse fans like its predecessor did with the Young family.

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