Why NCIS Bob Stivers Looks So Familiar

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is probably one of the best shows (and certainly one of the funniest sitcoms) in the history of modern television. And it has a lot critical acclaim to support it. It stars Andy Sandberg as (sometimes) genius detective Jake Peralta, an immature boy who works for the Brooklyn Police Department and investigates crimes. The ensemble cast is full of fun and amazingly talented people; but one of the show’s longest running jokes is how Detective Charles Boyle (Jo Lo Truglio), Jake’s highly obsessive and co-dependent best friend, comes from very strange family.


This is where Gregg Binkley comes in. In season 8, episode 7, “The Boyle Game” (the title is likely a humorous parody of HBO’s Game of Thrones), Charles has to attend the Boyle family reunion/funeral after Pappy Boyle (Hal Alpert) passes away. But some suspect foul play. Jake leads the investigation and at some point suspects Lyndon Boyle (Binkley) of the m*rder. In the end, the DNA evidence exonerates everyone, and the d*ath is ruled an accident. But the DNA also reveals a crushing truth: Charles Boyle is not genetically related to the rest of the Boyle family.

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