Why Paget Brewster thinks Criminal Minds is so fun to shoot despite the darkness

During an interview with ListPaget Brewster has revealed that she enjoys working on “Criminal Minds” so much, perhaps because of its frequent darkness. She then talked about how she first arrived at the crime scene and why it was so much fun. “The first time I was at the scene of the crime, you see a police tape and there’s a beautiful young actress playing a dead prostitute and you come up and they’re all covered in blood and they’re a little blue and they’re on the ground.” Brewster said. “You’re like, ‘Hi, I’m Amy.’ “Hi, I’m Paget.” It’s such a fun show even though it’s so dark, and maybe it’s fun because it’s so dark in there.”

It’s certainly a unique take on the show, and one that some former cast members don’t share. Mandy Patinkin, who starred on Criminal Minds for the first two seasons, famously left the show due to how dark the plot was (according to New York Magazine). This was especially associated with the show’s relentless violence, which he felt was influencing his personal life. However, not every actor will have the same point of view on a given series, and it’s clear that Brewster found fun in such a dark series.

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