Why Pauline Chalamet compares college sex life to sex in the city

During an interview in December 2021 Entertainment tonight, Pauline Chalamet was asked what she thought of the comparison between “Coed Sex Lives” and “Sex and the City”. Chalamet said she agreed with the comparison, especially in one respect. Chalamet said, “One thing that’s really cool and similar is that we’re talking about four very different characters. And I think our show does really well with four different, different characters. And we can all treat each other differently, but I like it.”

Fans of “Coed Sex Lives” definitely know that the four main characters are very different from each other. Kimberly is shy and awkward, with little sexual experience (at least in the beginning of the show), while Bela is very outgoing, likes to joke around, and is exceptionally sex-positive. Meanwhile, Layton stands out from the group with her often judgmental and arrogant attitude, while Whitney is more warm and welcoming. In addition, there are differences in their backgrounds – for example, Kimberly grew up in a small town and has to work part-time to pay for her college education, while Leighton grew up in New York and comes from a very wealthy family. a family.

Sex and the City also sees many differences between the four central characters, such as the fact that Samantha can’t be more comfortable with sex. At the same time, there are many sexual topics that Charlotte shirks from.

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