Why Penn Badgley Is the “Perfect Actor to Play a Serial Killer”

Other than Pan Badley. Is playing Joe Goldberg.? YouHave fun.

Beyond You Season 3 premiere, Returning on Friday, October 15. Netflix, The cast was exclusively dish on E! News about why Bedley is a great front door guy – and we couldn’t agree more.

Of Talking girl Alum is an international celebrity with an on-screen personality. As a season three guest star. Shalita Grant “He’s a megastar. My partner’s family also wants his autograph.”

According to Grant, this is Badgley’s. Real life personality It makes it You Character related and sympathetic … even when he is killing someone. That’s it Double Charming, kind and heartfelt from Badgle. IRL That, with a bloody twist, can craft Complex character جو کا. Grant added, “He’s actually the best actor to play a serial killer because he’s honestly the best guy.” “If he was a different guy, I’m not sure the show would work.”

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