Why Peter Dinklage once thought Game of Thrones was canceled for a full six hours

In an interview with Vanity Fair, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, screenwriters of Game of Thrones, admitted that they once phoned Peter Dinklage to tell him that Game of Thrones had been canceled and he was out of a job. It was just a prank that Benioff and Weiss enjoy, but Dinklage believed them for six hours. After all, most people aren’t used to jokes about losing their jobs.

Benioff said: “I think it was when the pilot was picked up. [the original pilot episode’s director] Tom McCarthy and I called him from a Yankees game. While Benioff enjoyed celebrating the success of his show, watching baseball and playing pranks on Dinklage, the actor spent the next six hours depressed, temporarily believing that the show he was so excited about had been cancelled. so early.

It’s easy to imagine Dinklage’s relief when he realized that Benioff was just playing a prank on him and Game of Thrones hadn’t really been cancelled. And thanks to the fact that the series ran for so long, Dinklage will certainly be well remembered for his eight seasons of portraying Tyrion Lannister onscreen.

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