Why producer Jane Myers was the key to Prey’s authenticity, according to Dakota Beavers

Dakota Beavers explained how The Prey made such a historically accurate impression, even being the first feature film to feature a full Comanche film dub. In short, its accuracy comes down to the efforts of producer Jane Myers.

“One of the first things that was integral to the making of this film was that Jane took the lead with Dan. [Trachtenberg], a Comanche woman herself who is ready to say, “That’s right, that’s wrong”; “It looks good, it’s not very”; and be close to the actors,” he said.

In an interview with Myers, she emphasized that an accurate depiction of the tribe was an important priority in her work. “I am a citizen of the Comanche Nation, a registered Comanche, but I am also Blackfoot,” she explained. “Authenticity in this movie is 100% really important.” The film’s commitment to authentic, grounded portrayal (which is also director Dan Trachtenberg’s priority) sets the film apart from a number of other projects. She continued, “I usually get hired as a producer for different projects, and sometimes it’s 20%, 25%, but when I read this, it’s 100%.”

In addition to her work in ensuring accuracy, Beevers also emphasized that Myers played a key role in making sure the actors were happy…and full. As Beavers put it:

“She looks like a first-class aunt. She is always with everyone. She was next to me. Every time I was hungry, man – because they kept me on a strict diet – she would deliver pizza to my room to make sure I was eating. But Jane was the main reason this film was as accurate as we could make it.”

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