Why Rain Moms Praise Kristen Johnston as Tammy

One user per official subreddit “Mom” started a thread called “I love Tammy” in which they simply expressed their appreciation for playing Kristen Johnston’s “mom” for no reason. In response, most commentators agreed that Tammy is a top-notch character and highlighted Johnston’s acting skills as the main reason Tammy is so interesting.

User ruadhan1334, for example, described Johnston as a completely underrated talent, capable of both comedic and dramatic roles. Likewise, the user miker279 cited her role in The 3rd Rock from the Sun as a precedent for her fun work on Mama. Meanwhile the user Bindid24 called Tammy his favorite character and agreed with a number of other commentators who called Johnston a national treasure.

On Twitter, Johnston was also tagged by fans as an outstanding performer. For example, @IsaLeeWolf wrote: “Without a doubt, #Mom is the best show on CBS. And Kristen Johnston somehow made it even better.”

In an interview with New York Post, Johnston shared her thoughts on her approach to playing Tammy in Mom. “I’m a theater actor, so I have a strong flair,” said Johnston. “Let’s put it this way: no one ever told me to get bigger.”

While “Mama” may now be finished, Johnston is set to join the cast of “Righteous Gems” Season 3 (via Diversity), which means her many fans can still look forward to what could very well be another standout comedy performance.

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