Why Ron Swanson’s Multiple Marriages Confuse Some Parks and Recreation Fans

It can be difficult to follow Ron’s dramatic romantic story. Viewers know that almost every woman he married was called Tammy, not to mention that even his mother bears this name. But when it comes to how many wives a libertarian civil servant had, it’s debatable.

In one Reddit thread, many fans were unsure if someone was missing or not.

“We know about Tammy 1 and Tammy 2, but Ron specifically says that he had 3 ex-wives in previous seasons. Who is the missing ex-wife?!” asked a redditor you/-sunny-. Tammy 1 and 2 are the only exes to ever show up on Ron’s doorstep, but the confusion is easy to understand. Few have two ex-wives but have actually been married (and divorced) three times.

“He marries Tammy 2 twice”, u / prairie fan indicated. Of course, this is not the best solution for Ron, but many things are inexplicable when it comes to matters of the heart. Ron quickly realizes his mistake in inviting such an agent of chaos into his life. Another Redditor further clarified this point, confirming that Ron didn’t really say that he had three ex-wives, but that he was married three times – referring to his second marriage to Tammy 2 – which clears things up a bit.

At the moment, three times is more than enough to marry any Tammy. Luckily, Ron finally learns his lesson and finds true love with the love of his life, Diane (Lucy Lawless).

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