Why so many Frasier fans are unhappy with the series finale

In a post on p / Frazier subreddit, one thought shared by many fans is that Charlotte is simply not the right woman for Frazier. Charlotte meets Frazier in season 11, episode 18, “Match Game”. She is a matchmaker who is supposed to help Fraser find the perfect woman, but their relationship takes a romantic turn that becomes an important part of the series finale. Some say that the character of Charlotte seems unmemorable, while others say that there is simply no chemistry between her and Fraser. u/cherry_armoir felt that while a well-written love interest never appeared on the show, Frasier’s relationship with Charlotte seemed rushed. “As a result, Charlotte’s relationship didn’t seem significant enough to justify any life changes,” they wrote. Some people even offer options on who is best suited for the role of Frazier. u / Crazy-Assist56 wrote that producer Fraser Rose (Peri Gilpin) might fit better.

However, some fans disagree. redditor y/kuil_001 felt that Frasier’s ending was a lesson in love for the protagonist. “… Fraser finally realized that love is not about finding the perfect woman. It is to find the one,” they wrote. Second user suggested that Frazier seemed to be putting aside small things in order to find the person who would make him happy.

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