Why some Bone fans didn’t trust Lance Sweets in the beginning

One of the many killers the team investigates is Gormogon (Lawrence Todd Rosenthal), a mysterious cannibalistic figure who harbors an obsession with secret societies and government conspiracies. Gormogon manages to evade capture for a while, though it soon becomes apparent that he is not working alone. Gormogon has an apprentice who helps him commit crimes, and before their identity was revealed, viewers suspected that Sweets might be the culprit. At first glance, this is a good theory.

Although Sweets is known for his meek demeanor, his work as a psychologist gives him access to the inner workings of the people around him. He has the ability to observe body language, a valuable skill for an assassin trying to avoid detection. Like Reddit u/findingscarlet pointed out that Sweets was introduced “in order to deliberately poke and prod Booth and Brennan, find their weak points and evaluate them for the FBI.”

Both Sweets and his girlfriend Daisy Vic (Carla Gallo) have been suspicious to some viewers. “I had complete confidence in Sweets or Daisy. The first one started asking really weird questions, and the way he talked about getting into Gormogon’s mind and protecting him from those random suggestions made it pretty dubious,” writes Reddit u/dangerous. Sweets’ late arrival, combined with his professional ability, seems to make him an excellent candidate for Gormogon’s apprentice. Even Booth and Brennan even suspected it at one point.

However, the student’s true identity was even more shocking.

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