Why some HIMYM fans think they’ve found an important pattern in the show

AT Reddit post titled “Never [realized] it was something,” u/ReliqueOz posted three different screenshots depicting a very specific type of character interaction, one of which was used repeatedly in How I Met Your Mother. In each image, the partner of one of the main couples of the show says “Hello” to the other partner, and the latter responds to the first with the same simple greeting – as in “Hi” (dot) meets “Hi” (dot). One scene shows Lily’s memories of first meeting Marshall. , in another Barney and Robin greet each other before making their vows, and in another Ted meets Tracy Christine Milioti (his future wife and titled mother of the show) for the first time.

While the follow-up thread broke up from time to time with users sharing their favorite episodes of HIMYM, a number of fans commented on the original poster’s reveal. As u/Verano_Zombie notes, “When Ted imagines himself walking to Tracy’s house in Time Traveler, the first thing he says is ‘Hi.’ While several comments have shown skepticism that this is indeed a “deal”, at least one fan got the gist of what makes a simple exchange so intimate: “It’s kind of a stress reliever,” they wrote, alluding to the necessary but tacit recognition of the exchange of emotions of the moment (through Reddit).

This is a small but important observation. Sharing the use of the “Unsaid” and “Implied” features in the world in much the same way as it does with respect to the impact and effect of the series in the real world – a functionality that in some way redeems and explains the series. the final.

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