Why some Rick and Morty fans want you to stop hating Jerry

on reddit, u/BigBrainerFaith argued that fans should stop hating Jerry because, other than Rick, he is arguably the most laughable character on the show. Jerry is definitely hilarious, whether the audience is laughing with him or at him. Ironically, the same reason the aliens in season 5 episode 5 “Amortican Greekfitty” love to hang out with the future patriarch of the Smith family: they laugh a lot watching him embarrass himself and then taunt him. him, praising his “delightful ignorance” and “silly ones to please” because he provides them with quality entertainment.

redditor u / Independent Goodman added, “Without Jerry, the show sucks.” Although he is constantly toasted throughout the show, Rick and Morty fans can’t help but love this nerdy aspect of Jerry’s character. He adds another dimension to the family dynamic with his innocence, predictability, ignorance of what is really going on, and clumsy demeanor.

However, the very characteristics that make Jerry valuable on the show are the same characteristics that make people laugh at him so much. This is perhaps Jerry’s genius, who is hated by many, but he is one of the most attractive Rick and Morty characters. Instead of hating him for being the opposite of Rick, maybe we should love him for being the opposite of Rick.

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