Why some Seinfeld fans think Babu was too hard on Jerry

When Jerry decides to help Pakistani immigrant Babu run his restaurant, he has good intentions. However, Jerry’s business proposals are not well thought out and mostly backfire. Some time later, Jerry tries to help Bab again, finds him a place to live and gets him a job. An honest mistake involving misplaced mail eventually results in Babu’s deportation. In both cases, Babu puts all the blame on Jerry, but some Seinfeld fans disagree with this reaction.

We noted earlier that Babu’s entire storyline is one of the more questionable things we ignore about Seinfeld, but these fans are particularly unhappy with the storyline. Some people think that Babu is being too hard on Jerry, who is clearly just trying to help him. “Babu is a complete jerk… Jerry didn’t force him to change the restaurant, he made an offer that I accepted,” he commented. u/Goat786. Others agreed that it was not Jerry’s fault. In one comment, you / hontitonkrutabaga wrote, “At least the idea Jerry gave him was coherent and it didn’t make things worse at the café.”

Some fans believe that after his eventual deportation, Babu should have taken responsibility for his failures. “The fall of Babu was facilitated by his indecision and unwillingness to take responsibility for his own life,” noted you / randy-pan. Others agreed that Babu’s anger was misguided. In another answer u / RoseareFree23 commented on this incorrect answer, writing “I always thought the reaction was a bit over the top.”

As if his harshness towards Jerry wasn’t enough, a troubled Babu reappears in the series finale, season 9, episode 22 (“The final”) where he actually testifies against Jerry during his criminal trial. Harsh, Babu, harsh!

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