Why ‘Supernatural’ Fans Are So Divided About Mary Winchester

Resurrection from the dead is not the easiest for everyone. Not only does Mary have to adjust to life after death, she is also moved more than 30 years past the time she knows. Perhaps the worst thing for Mary is everything she missed. Her death set off a chain reaction that turned John into a different person and pushed their sons to become soldiers. She’s lost in a time where she should never have existed, and that’s what Samantha Smith understood about the character.

“She wasn’t just the perfect motherly character that everyone expected. So I think it was a big adjustment for the boys. They had this canonized version of their mom and she just wasn’t that person,” Smith said. IGN in character retrospective. She went on to say, “And I think if anything it broadened their understanding of what unconditional love for a family really is, because in a true Winchester way, she didn’t do what they wanted her to do, or what what they thought. had to do, she did what she thought was right, and they still had to love her.”

Smith brought a real sense of empathy to the heroine, which made her layered and complex. Her sons didn’t remember her picture, but it was more important. It made her a real person, for better or worse.

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