Why Terry Bradshaw Is Selling Slime on The Bradshaw Bunch

Thin sale

New episode tonight. Brad Shaw Group. Had a serious business with. Terry Bradshaw. And his daughter Rachel Search for two Very Unique business ideas: mud and hot yoga, respectively.

To be fair, Terry was only half of the creative team that eventually came to be known as “Slim Balls Inc.” It was real visionary. Force, Her 8-year-old granddaughter!

“You and I do business together, we will form an LLC,” the former NFL player told Zori as she worked hard to shine in Saleem’s fresh batch. “You run it, you become the CEO. Money will come and life will be better! We will get rich because you are smart and you love it.”

Kyu Zori is pretending to get out of her mud.

No worries, though – he proved that when he and Terry hit the streets, he needed to be a successful business owner.

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