Why ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Toby Lubenfeld Looks So Familiar

Qualls was already a recognizable face when he shared lines with the cast of The Big Bang Theory because of a movie he made a few years earlier. Qualls’ first credit in an acting career was his role as Jason in a miniseries. “Mama Flora’s Family” — but that’s not why he might seem so familiar. Qualls’ breakthrough role was as bumbling college virgin Kyle in Road Trip, a quirky comedy in which four college students drive across the country in search of a sex tape. One of the characters in the film accidentally sent his girlfriend a tape of him dating another girl. If that doesn’t ring a bell for you, you may remember it as that movie where Tom Green puts a live mouse in his mouth.

Qualls plays a nerdy loner who is only brought along so the other guys can use his car – but during the trip, his character Kyle finally experiences the part of college life that his character has been jealous of. This low-budget film exploded in theaters and became a “must-see” comedy as it stayed at the box office. top five box office films for almost a month, but after “Road Trip” Qualls would only return to the mainstream after some time.

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