Why the Creator of Squid Game Needed an Unknown Actor to Play Il-Nam

Because the characters and their struggles were integral to the nuance and purpose of The Squid Game, casting was especially important to the series. This was doubly important for one of the most complex characters, Il-Nam (Oh Yeon-soo), a two-faced contestant who happens to be behind the games despite his easygoing, non-threatening demeanor. In order to realize these many different aspects of the character and make him believable, creator Hwang Dong Hyuk was adamant that an unknown actor was cast for the role. “We wanted Il-nam to be unknown so that he looks like a real character in the series,” the creator explained in an interview with the portal. Netflix.

Because the performer of Il-Nam must be able to play a character who is charmingly aloof, unstable, fearful, and calmly pragmatic, this role is a challenging one. Luckily, Yeon-soo was able to capture the character’s nuances and make him a memorable addition to Squid Game even before his true identity was revealed in the final episode.

For his part, Yong Soo commented on how you can learn about aspects of someone’s character by playing games with them in real life. “I remembered my childhood when I played this game,” the actor recalled. “And when you watch the balloon scene, you can see the lies and the truth in people. The game brings out the humanity of the player, and especially Gi Hoon, the protagonist.” There’s definitely something to Yeon-soo’s observation, as the pivotal episode opened up shocking new layers to nearly every character in Squid Game.

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