Why the Harley Quinn Showrunners Highlighted One Often-Ignored Part of the Character’s Bio

Yes, Harley Quinn is loud, destructive, rude and humorous, but there’s so much more to her character than all that. Amid all the chaos that accompanies her daily life, it is easy to forget that she has a college degree and was once a practicing psychiatrist. She has a vast knowledge of the human mind and all the complexities it presents, which showrunners Patrick Shumaker and Sarah Peters set out to explore in Harley Quinn. “From time to time, we need to remind viewers that she is a multifaceted character. Every time we can organically bring in her psychological education, we try to do it, ”explained the first.

Peters adds that playing off the intelligence of both Harley and Poison Ivy without losing the show’s comedic edge is a fun dynamic to work with. At the same time, in Harley’s case, they don’t just highlight her medical abilities for the sake of her character or for the sake of the story. It is also an attempt to change the audience’s attitude towards the topics of mental health and mental illness treatment. Shumaker said IndieWire“Can this show somehow normalize it for those who are shy about doing it for themselves? Excellent”.

With Harley Quinn Season 3 in the books and Season 4 on the way, one can only hope we get to see more of Harley Quinn’s psychiatric side in addition to her more over the top, rebellious side.

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