Why Tom Brady’s absence from training hid the eyebrows of the singer’s fans

One of The Masked Singer’s greatest pranks is trying to figure out who’s behind the fantastical masks, and the show goes to great lengths to make sure the proverbial beans stay unspilled. However, a recent theory circulating on Twitter has sparked some pretty heated discussion and questions about whether Tom Brady will be joining the show’s cast. USA today For victory reports that social media is full of theories, and those theories are based on Brady’s absence from training camp, leading some to believe that he will soon appear in The Masked Singer. sports news clears up part of that equation by showing that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady’s team, had veterans at camp on July 26, 2022, even though Brady was oddly absent from some training.

On Twitter, users can’t stop talking about this rumor. @JCrabs84 saying, “I saw an interesting theory last night and that is that he’s filming The Masked Singer right now. This show is on Fox and is considered part of his mega contract he just signed with Fox. It also explains the non-binding timeline, depending on how far he goes.” @byDavidGardner also backed up this theory and stated, “There’s an amazingly detailed thread on Reddit saying that Tom Brady misses the Bucks camp because he’s filming The Masked Singer.” I pray that this is true.” Either way, if Brady does appear in The Masked Singer, it will be hard for him to hide his presence.

We’ll just have to wait until the next season of The Masked Singer airs to find out exactly why Brady has been bullying in practice.

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