Why Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Haig Are the Most Successful Contestants in Love Island

Molly-Mae Haig became famous for Island of love in 2019, after finishing second in the finals with her longtime boyfriend Tommy Fury. Tommy Fury has 3.9 million Instagram followers, while Molly Mae almost doubles as she has 6.2 million Instagram followers (where she has been involved in several controversies over the years).

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Despite not being named series winners, this pair is undoubtedly the most successful pair from this franchise. Other successful couples include Paige Turley and Finn Tapp from season six, Millie Court and Liam Reardon from season seven, and even the crossover pair Luke Mabbott and Lucy Donlan, who just got engaged! Tommy Fury and Molly Mae, however, will forever remain some of the most successful members ever, and they have paychecks to prove it!

6 Who are Tommy Fury and Molly Mae Haig

Fury is a professional British boxer and now a reality TV star, whose fortune is $ 1 million. Molly Mae recently became a millionaire, bringing the couple’s total net worth to over $ 2 million. Both people had many fans before coming to the show, but the show took off in their careers.


5 Tommy Fury’s career

Tommy Fury is a boxer from Manchester, England, his father is former professional boxer John Fury, and his half brother is world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Before you arrive Island of loveTommy Fury had made a decent name for himself and the ladies were ready to put on boxing gloves and get ready for this handsome man. Initially, Tommy was looking at Lucy Donlan, but that all changed when the influencer Molly arrived at the villa. From that day on, he would only look at this blonde bombshell. After the show, Tommy Fury’s career has grown exponentially, and he even has a drawn-out fight prepared for social media star Jake Paul.

“Although many Island of love fans may know that Fury is a professional light heavyweight boxer, they may not know his official boxing record. In accordance with BoxRec, Rage is now 7-0 in professional boxing matches – four victories by knockout and three victories by decision of the judges. “

Many fans may not realize that Tommy Fury also has his own clothing line for BoohooMAN. Fury has signed a six-figure deal with the company and continues to be the brand’s ambassador.

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4 ‘Boxer and Ballroom Dancer’

Mail-Island of loveTommy Fury is back on reality TV with his best friend Curtis Pritchard. The duo had a terrific bromance on the show, so it should come as no surprise that they were gifted an extra series. In December 2019, a few months after the show aired, Boxer and ballroom dancer, broadcasted on ITV. The concept for the show was fun, as the two friends had to switch professions and live the day on their own skin. Tommy was supposed to act as a ballroom dancer and Curtis was trying to become a boxer. Let’s just say they both will now stick to their professions!

3 Molly-Mae Haig’s career

Molly Mae’s influencer status has skyrocketed since her appearance on the dating reality TV show. She has been offered many lucrative business deals, such as signing a seven-figure deal with PrettyLittleThing to become their creative director for the UK and Europe. Molly-May’s profits skyrocketed this year as her partnership with the PLT went from £ 500,000 to £ 1 million.

“Earlier, a number of reports said she could also make an incredible £ 10,890 for every sponsored post she shares on Instagram. charge up to £ 10,000 for a joint personal appearance with Tommy… The social media influencer has partnered with Beauty Works, has a fake tan and a YouTube channel where she regularly posts about her life. She was also the first influencer to partner with Starbucks! “

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2 Love Island is where it all began

In one of the most shocking Island of love finals, Tommy and Molly-May came in second behind Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea, who had only known each other for two weeks. Tommy and Molly Mae have been together for over 50 days and have never been in the two worst spots. Luckily for these two, they didn’t need the $ 50,000 grand prize because their lives were much bigger.

one What awaits us in the future

In 2019, the couple revealed that they can’t wait to have children. Molly said, “We both definitely want kids, yes, but obviously we’re both only 20 years old.” However, Tommy intervened and said: “We tried to get kids most nights“He continued, jokingly,” I want kids by the time I’m 22, that’s all. She wants six children, I want eight. “

Tommy and Molly Mae are currently 22, so it looks like wedding bells and kids are just around the corner!

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This is how much the “Island of Love” members earn

Participants in the UK version of the show earn £ 250 a week, which is almost $ 350.

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