Why Tricia Paitas launched OnlyFans

Trisha Paitas has often attracted attention over her 15-year career. Among Paytas’ most viral moments, of which there are several since they are professional YouTubers, is the time Paytas made offensive comments about transgender people before later becoming non-binary. They also wrote several books, recorded 6 EPS and starred in 18 films (some of which were adult only). Through all this work, Patas was able to amass a considerable fortune.

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Since Paitas is the author of books such as Stripper Diaries and director of an adult film titled horny birds, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the sexually liberated YouTuber has launched a VIP OnlyFans page. Other celebrities have also started making more adult content such as Boy meets the world actress Matalin Ward, who is now a popular porn star. Cardi B, another sexually liberated star, can also be found on OnlyFans.

eight Trisha Paitas’ career goes up and down

Paytas started streaming in 2006, and as its followers grew, so did their ability to make a living. By 2014, they had begun working independently as musicians and had recorded tracks such as “Fat Girl” and a cover of “Hot For Teacher” by Van Halen. But in the period from 2013 to 2017 Paytas started publishing a series of trolling videos this caused some surprise in an attempt to increase the audience, which began to stagnate.


7 YouTube isn’t always a great way to make money

Most YouTubers don’t just make a living from YouTube videos. The way Google, which owns YouTube, tweaks the monetization of its videos, makes any “profit” generated by the creator virtually negligible. Creators like Shane Madge and Ryan Bugara started a company called Watcher and sell merchandise to make a living following the success of their YouTube series. Unsolved. Even popular channels like Student humor earn more on goods than they do from advertising-monetization. Considering how unprofitable Youtube is, it makes sense that Paytas will use external sources of income.

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While it is debatable about the merits of the increased availability of adult content and the problems in our economy that are driving people to seek survival sex work, it cannot be denied that OnlyFans is a popular and possibly lucrative source of income. … Currently, OnlyFans has over 120 million creators and the best creators on the website are currently making up to $ 20 million per month. It’s important to note, however, that most of the sex workers on the app earn an average of only $ 180 per month due to the website being so overwhelmed with creators. If Paitas weren’t already a celebrity, they probably wouldn’t be making $ 1 million a month.

5 Trisha Paytas had a huge following to make money from

As mentioned above, YouTubers often need external sources of income to make a living and complement their videos. Paytas is no exception. By the time they launched their OF, Paytas had 5 million YouTube subscribers, 600,000 Instagram followers and a total of Only 2 billion video views. It would be almost foolish not to monetize that many followers.

4 Trisha Paytas Knows Sex Is For Sale

Again, one can argue about the morality of adult content and sites like OnlyFans, but there is no denying the fact that, despite any economic turmoil, porn is a lucrative market. The porn industry has a profit of $ 12 billion a year, a figure that has either remained stable or has been growing every year since the inception of sites like OnlyFans. Paytas needs money to live like the rest of us, and it seems like selling content on OnlyFans is the way to do it. Again, she is now making $ 1 million a month.

3 Trisha Paitas fights stigma due to her body type

Another driving force behind everything Paytas does, especially when it comes to sexuality, is to draw attention to society’s confusing and unbalanced body standards. Paitas prides himself on his seductive, curvy body, but often our society does not like curvy bodies as much as thinner ones. But Paitas, who, again, it should be remembered, is incredibly progressive in sex, was not going to leave this uncontested. Curvy women and “dad bodies” are hugely popular right now, and we have content creators like Paytas and a growing rejection of outdated beauty standards to be thanked for.

2 Why not?

Why wouldn’t a very sexually advanced, notoriously controversial online celebrity get involved in a very sexually advanced, notoriously controversial online community? It makes more sense to ask why Paitas was not one of the first creators on OnlyFans than to ask why they created it at all, assuming, of course, that someone knows of Paitas’ extremely salacious career, such as her emergence into adult traits such as this is not jaw xxx

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one In custody

Between the need for a steady income that YouTube doesn’t provide for even its most successful creators, and the outward representation of their sexuality, OnlyFans is perfect for people like Paytas. Paytas seems to be ready to remain one of the most profitable creators to join the site. While some lesser-known sex workers resent creators like Paitas because they may need income more than she does, Paitas, being a troll, hardly cares.

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