Why Warner Bros. earnings report Discovery made Twitter see red

Images from the presentation to appeal to investors appeared on the network. And besides giving a glimpse of how Warner Bros. Discovery looks at the differences between its two streaming services, and it also draws ire from many subscribers. In particular, one slide image shows that the company believes that HBO Max has a scripted content based on fandoms and a mostly male audience. Meanwhile, Discovery+ is viewed as unscripted content intended for comfortable viewing, mainly for female audiences. Many did not doubt call the bizarre failure of streaming services at least a major social failure.

@MantaBluRay published: “In [expletive] Male bias and female bias in general should mean? Others have shared similar feelings, while some were simply baffled that Warner Bros. Discovery generally shared these views at a meeting with investors. “Please put the ‘veiled sexist infographic’ at the top of the list of things I didn’t expect from the #WarnerBrosDiscovery Investor Meeting” @Hopesloop wrote.

In addition to what fans consider Warner Bros. Discovery+ as an organization with archaic views on its content, the move could make the future of their combined streaming service more uncertain. Unfortunately, another slide from the presentation received more criticism online. The image shows how the company further breaks down some of its most important TV properties under what they call “global powerhouses.” A lot of this makes sense, like calling Friends a “cult series” or Game of Thrones a franchise. However, some felt that objects such as 90 Day FiancĂ© and all of its spin-offs could probably be replaced by others. @calebmurfree wrote: “Instead of a 90 Day Groom universe, #WarnerBrosDiscovery should have given us a #GuyFieri universe. He has done seven shows for the Food Network! Give us #FieriVerse! #HBOMax.

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