Why was Hilary Duff taking her bachelor’s degree?

ACTRESS and singer Hilary Duff appeared on a group date on the episode “The Bachelor” on Monday night.

Duff began her childhood career on Lizzie Maguire and now stars in the How I Met Your Mother spin-off How I Met Your Father.


Hilary Duff starred in the TV series The Bachelor.

Why did Hilary Duff star in The Bachelor?

Hilary Duff appeared on Instagram just days before yesterday’s episode of her photo aired alongside Clayton Echard, himself a bachelor, aired yesterday.

“Returning to the dating scene … sort of,” read her caption.

“Who will get the rose? … I have to help Clayton look for love on #Bach – career growth !!! Seriously!”

The Bachelor group date was surprised and thrilled to see Hilary Duff, and when the women turned the corner of the Beverly Hills mansion to see Duff waiting for them, some of them screamed in excitement.

Cassidy Timbrooks screamed “We love you!”

Duff told the women that they were planning a young girl Maya’s birthday party, and she was ordered to bake a cake, work as clowns, inflate balloons and build a dollhouse.

However, Timbrooks redirected her attention to Echard and refused to help plan the party.

“Damn the kids,” Cassidy said. “Can’t wait to bump my shoulder against Hilary Duff next to my boyfriend Clayton.”

Timbrooks spent most of her time with Echard rather than the dollhouse she was supposed to help build.

“I spend as little time as possible with you little people,” she told those present at the party.

Looking at the camera, Timbrook added, “I’m not here to throw a baby’s birthday party.”

Timbrooks later gave up the cake before Maya could blow out the candles and spent more time talking to Duff than to the kids.

“I understand what Cassidy is doing,” Hilary said. “She has her eye on the prize. I don’t think it will make her friends here, but I’m not sure she cares. “

Despite her lack of attention to children, Echard gave Timbrooks a rose for a group date and said, “You show that you are here for me and also open up tonight, that meant a lot to me.

The group date made member Mara Agrait burst into tears, and Timbrooks said to the camera:

“I threaten them, and they should be.”

Hilary Duff arranged a group date to organize a children's birthday party.


Hilary Duff arranged a group date to organize a children’s birthday party.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

What did fans say about Hilary Duff’s cameo on The Bachelor?

Bachelor Nation fans were in awe of the guest appearance of none other than Hilary Duff.

“The fact that women were more excited to see Hilary Duff than Clayton … because it’s Hilary Duff,” one person tweeted.

Another person said, “The girls screaming for Hilary Duff are really something I can relate to … I would be DIED if I told her pop music needed her to come back !!!”

Existing fans weren’t alone, as those who had never watched the show turned it on just to watch Duff go on a group date.

One person tweeted, “I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m only watching this episode for the sake of Hilary Duff.”

Where can I watch The Bachelor?

“The Bachelor” airs live on ABC every Monday at 8:00 pm ET.

Hulu, YouTube TV, fuboTV, and DIRECTV Stream broadcast subscription shows.

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