Why was Meghan Markle criticized during her visit to New York?

In her first public engagement since the birth of her daughter. للیبیٹ۔, Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) and her husband. Prince Harry. He made a three-day visit to New York City, where he made several high-profile public appearances, visited several important sites such as the One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial, and made more personal visits to the children. School

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The goodwill trip, aimed at promoting Harry and Meghan’s philanthropy outside the royal family, certainly made headlines around the world. However, this was probably not the reason the couple hoped. In fact, his visit to the Big Apple drew widespread criticism from the royal family, many of whose points are particularly Meghan.

Her choice of clothing was considered inappropriate for the season.

Meghan’s fashion choices for her New York trip seemed to go unnoticed by fans. However, not for the style in which she was dressed, but for the season in which she was dressed. of the. New York has been hot and humid for the past few weeks, so spectators were surprised to see Meghan wearing a long black Armani wool coat, black turtleneck and long-legged trousers when she and Harry met New York Mayor Bill D. Met Bliss. And New York Governor Kathy Hochl for a visit to the One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial.

Later, Meghan turned into a long-sleeved black turtleneck with a camel wool coat for a visit to the United Nations. Meghan seems to have worn an ‘aggressive’ outfit for the fall, and lost her mark in the heat of the city.

‘Wow, a coat? Really? Didn’t you predict the weather, Meghan? One Twitter user wrote.

Another wrote, “Meghan needs to fire her stylist. Her wool coat and turtle are too hot for a temperature of 81 degrees. Her turtle is too small and there is a difference in the front.

The cost of Meghan’s closet was astronomical.

In addition to failing to dress for the weather, Meghan’s wardrobe has been criticized for its incredibly high price. The Duchess likes designer brands, and regularly wears clothes from high-priced fashion houses, but fans noticed that the price tags for the trip were a bit high. For the three-day trip alone, her bill of lading was 67 67,000, or ، 90,684. His look for the 9/11 memorabilia only consisted of: a 36,368 (8 1,872) Emporio Armani coat match with 649 ($ 889) black pants and £ 449 (15 615) Aquasura heels, total As 2,466 (3,374).

Although Meghan is no longer a working member of the royal family, and is mostly a private citizen, many felt that the choice of wardrobe was unusual, especially for this short trip. Meghan had never worn one before.

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His visit to a deprived area was in bad taste.

During their city tour, Meghan and Harry’s NYC visited Harlem’s PS123 Mahalia Jackson School. According to reports, Meghan wore particularly expensive clothes while reading her children’s book to students at school. Her cashmere coat cost a staggering 5,480, while matching pants (both loro pianas) retailed for 6 1,680.

Many felt that the conspiratorial costume was inappropriate for the school visit, which took place in a very deprived area, and said that Meghan should have worn something more affordable and therefore more to meet the students. Is enviable.

He flew back to California in a private jet.

After their brief visit, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle boarded the Dassault Falcon 2000 private jet to return to California. The move was sharply criticized by British tabloids, who pointed to the couple’s climate change activism as suggesting hypocrisy on their part.

The pair have been encouraging climate change response activity since 2019, telling followers about “a ticking clock” to save the planet. Harry also spoke on environmental issues alone, and supported Greta Thunberg’s work.

One evening, the royal couple, accompanied by friends Mesha Nano and Mickey Hayes, headed to town for a drink at the Belmans Bar in Up Market. The couple set up several tables in the bar – with ten cars, and more than 20 security guards. Other attendees saw the couple laughing and joking with friends and drinking martinis, and three hours later returned to their ڈالر 1,300 a night at the Carlyle Hotel.

She was criticized for her jewelry.

In addition to her passion for fashion, Meghan is also known for her love of diamonds. Well, they’re a girl’s best friend. Meghan was particularly heavy on billing for the trip, however, wearing jewelry worth more than 400 400,000 during the three-day trip. The pieces included a $ 16,000 Cartier earring, a $ 4,500 Bricks band, and a 60 360,000 engagement ring.

However, the public did not favor Meghan’s lavish items. Many people found that diamonds were inappropriately ‘showy’ for her day trips, and that she wore too many pieces at once – which made her look ‘tough’ and ‘more’. Was done Even wearing such expensive things was considered an outsider for the royal, who was visiting a city with serious social deprivation.

Leaving the children at home was criticized.

Critics also criticized Meghan and Harry’s decision to return home to their young children, 2-year-old Archie and 3-month-old California. Not taking children – who are very young, especially babies – was seen as an unnecessary decision with them, especially when the public did not know who was taking care of the children in Montecito.

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