Why We Should Thank Chicago Fire Fans For Violet And Hawkins’ Upcoming Storyline

In the season 11 premiere of “Chicago Fire,” the couple rekindle the flames of their relationship, and things will only get more interesting in the future. In an interview with television lineshowrunners Andrea Newman and Derek Haas revealed that they developed a special out-of-town storyline for fans.

“So, I can tell you that we’ve found that viewers, for some reason, love it when couples go out of town together,” Haas said. “So we thought it would be nice if Hawkins asked Violet to come out of town with him in the next episode.”

What’s more, Newman promised that this was just the beginning for the two of them, and that their previously secretive relationship would now be made public. “Also, the funniest thing right now is that even though Hawkins, in particular, has taken a hit on his career, the chains seem to have been thrown off,” he explained. “Now they are free. They can be together and be together in public and it’s a whole new chapter for them to be out in the world as a couple and really explore it together.”

The Chicago Fire is currently experiencing a relative shortage of romantic couples, so the fact that the Hawks have decided to go public may well be good news for fans. Expect a lot of interesting things in the future of the duo.

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