Why would Smith need two trailers for Men in Black 3?

Every movie and TV is filled with people who strive towards a common goal: to make a successful project. However, there is a hierarchy on set. Yes, everyone has a role to play, but stars and directors are treated differently from other employees. Naturally, some kits may be great and others toxic.

Will Smith is as popular in Hollywood as he is in Hollywood, and he made sure his requirements were met on set before he agreed to participate in any project.

Let’s take a look at Smith and his need for two separate trailers during filming. Men in Black 3


Will Smith is the main star among the elite

You will be hard pressed to find someone more successful these days than Will Smith in his years in the entertainment industry. The former rapper became a global phenomenon in the 90s and has spent years replenishing his business legacy.

Smith time Fresh prince made him a comedy star and the big screen was only a matter of time. Once he answers the call, Smith will turn into a cinematic icon and he has starred in countless films that have grossed incredible amounts of money at the box office. In some ways, Smith has starred in films that have grossed nearly $ 10 billion worldwide.

Although he is no longer the shining star he once was, Smith is still a major player in the Hollywood scene. Even without another blow, his legacy is carved in stone.

One of Smith’s greatest accomplishments is MIB the franchise he last got rid of in the 2010s.

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Men in Black 3 – Return to the Classic Franchise

In 2012 Men in Black The franchise was making a triumphant return to the big screen, and longtime fans of the franchise were thrilled with the previews. The first two films were huge hits that many of us grew up on, and the third part ended the real trilogy.

Will Smith returned to acting as Agent J, and for fans, it was the nostalgic ride they’ve been looking for. Smith had plunged into the well once or twice in his career, but there was something special about wearing black again.

In an interviewSmith talked about his return to the franchise, saying, “I was thrilled with the level of difficulty and hadn’t worked for four years. So I wanted to wear shoes that I thought fit. “

At the box office Men in Black 3 was a hit, grossing over $ 600 million. It was a huge win for Smith and the entire company. There was one more Men in Black film with MIB 3but this movie stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.

It’s no secret that movie stars can be a little demanding when filming, and usually their demands remain confidential. However, during filming Men in Black 3Will Smith had an unusual demand that made headlines.

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The second trailer was used to equip the gym.

During filming Men in Black 3Will Smith needed two trailers nearby, which most stars wouldn’t even dream of asking. One trailer is fine, but it took Smith two, and the reason for the second trailer is really strange.

In accordance with Daily mail, Smith used the second trailer “just to house his gym equipment.”

Yes, Will Smith only needed a second trailer for training gear. Honestly, stars like Dwayne Johnson have entire gyms built for them, but the problem is that living Smith in a double trailer was causing problems in the New York area where they lived.

In fact, City Hall issued a statement that Smith needed to move, which said, “To balance the interests of production and the neighborhood, we instructed Men in Black III to move the trailer to a private lot.”

As if that weren’t weird enough, it was also revealed that Smith also had an apartment nearby. Keep in mind that the trailer Smith used was “1,150 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, while the 42-year-old man’s gym trailer is also a gigantic 55 feet,” it said. Daily mail

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In the end, Smith came up with his requirements, and the studio satisfied them. The ball game was worth it because Men in Black 3 was a great success at the box office.

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