Wife called her husband a jerk for punishing his son for taking his daughter’s diary and not letting him go on his birthday

The problem of parents and children has been relevant, probably, since the existence of mankind. Do you really think that Cain would have taken Abel’s life if he had not experienced certain complexes – quite possibly due to an undeveloped relationship with his father?

And when it is also a stepfather, then no matter how wonderful the relationship of the child with him, in any case there will be some conflicts. And if we are talking about another child from another marriage, then even more definitely. And it will take a lot of psychological maturity and wisdom from both parents to properly deal with this problem without any harm.

Author popular post in the AITA Reddit community, which has already gained almost 8.7 thousand votes and more than 1.3 thousand different comments, faced such a problem. And, unlike the value judgments typical of this community, this is where the Original Poster got some really helpful advice.

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The original poster lives with his wife, her 12 year old son and 11 year old daughter.

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So OP lives with his wife, 11 year old daughter and 12 year old stepson. The boy and girl, according to the author of the post, get along well, but from time to time, like almost all children, they fight among themselves and annoy each other in every possible way.

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The operative’s stepson has a habit of sneaking into his stepsister’s room and taking her things.

OP’s stepson has a habit of sneaking into a girl’s room and taking things from her – like a T-shirt, favorite pen, teddy bear, etc. OP has repeatedly told him that this behavior is unacceptable and that next time he will be punished. The boy promised that he would not do this again – but time passed, and everything repeated.

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The OP imposed punishments, especially forcing him to do housework.

As a result, the stepfather began to really punish the ten-year-old. Mostly because it made him do household chores: take out the garbage for a whole week, wash the car and mow the lawn with his stepfather (which the boy especially did not like). For a while, the stepson stopped upsetting the sister, and the OP decided that everything was in order.

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On the eve of the birthday of the best friend, the stepson stole the girl’s diary from her room

But, on the eve of his best friend’s birthday, to whose party OP’s stepson, of course, was invited and really wanted to go, he again entered the room of OP’s daughter and stole her diary. This time, the OP and his wife specifically called both children and decided to have an educational conversation.

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Parents agreed that now they should be more strict

The wife agreed that her son should be punished and suggested that he wash all the dishes in the house. The husband did not agree with her, arguing that this is not the first time the boy has misbehaved, so they need to be more strict.

True, the stepson, in justification, said that the girl annoys him, and also sometimes deliberately infuriates him. The OP countered that in this case, she also gets punished, and that they are one family and should get along well.

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The boy shouted to his stepfather that this was his house, not a man.

The stepfather said that from now on the boy has no right to enter the room of his half-sister without her permission. In response, the boy shouted that this was his house (and indeed, when OP and his wife tied the knot, he and his daughter moved into the woman’s house), and that he would go wherever he wanted, any time he wanted.

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As a result, the boy was punished even more – instead of having a party with his best friend, he had to clean the whole house that evening. Of course, the stepson was incredibly upset, and the wife later told the OP that he was too tough.

The people in the comments were mostly supportive of the OP, although some suggested seeing a family psychologist.

True, the commentators mostly supported the OP, arguing that impudence and disobedience, of course, should be punished – although, of course, this man should visit a family psychologist in order to improve relations in the family.

In any case, the OP also got some valuable parenting advice based mostly on the commenters’ personal examples, such as that the punishment should fit the misbehavior. For example, if a stepson steals something, he must lose some of his belongings in return.

Of course, we are not family psychologists, but we advise you to discuss this situation. It is likely that you yourself have been in the place of either the OP or his stepson, and then, of course, it will be very interesting to know how your similar story ended.

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