Will Robin and Juan Dixon ever take it down the aisle?

Spoiler alert: Details of the September 12, 2021 episode of ‘Real House Views of Potomac’ are discussed below!Of Real housewives. Potomac women would certainly not be complete without the cheerfulness they bring to the franchise. As the show enters its sixth season, yes, the sixth! it’s clear. RHOP Is becoming a top contender in other cities. RHONY, RHOBH, And RHOA, Name a few.

As Karen prepares her own county tourism video and Candace practices for her music video, there is one person who seems a little less involved in building her brand, and more in creating a false story. Last season, fans watched Robin Dixon’s engagement to Juan Dixon, but the two have yet to make it to the aisle.

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While Rubin has made it clear that he has a relationship with the young man. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.Fans are beginning to think that this is not the case at all, especially how the young man treated Rubin when it comes to it. Mental health issues. Well, as the two-year mark of their engagement draws to a close, fans are wondering if the pair will really take her to the aisle.

Will Robin and Young ever get married?

In December 2019, young Dixon proposed to Robin Dixon during the shooting of Season 5. The couple’s relationship has always been a hot topic, especially when it comes to this Juan’s infidelity., Which eventually led to the split of the two years ago. After much deliberation and long conversation, Robin and Juan decided to revive their romance, eventually returning together.

While this may end either brilliantly or viciously, it is clear that the two reconciliations came as a surprise to their family, as Juan and Robin share their two children, Carter and Corey. Things were really looking for a pair, led by Rubin and colleagues. RHOP To assume that the young man will pop up this question as soon as possible and he did!

With the help of Giselle Bryant, Juan not only found the perfect ring but also chose the perfect moment to propose, however, the two are not yet officially married! Many fans wonder why they kept waiting instead of spending time with him in a small and deep ceremony, leaving us all to wonder if there might be a wedding.

Rubin confessed to Page Six that their marriage was currently stalled. Mainly due to the epidemic.. “The epidemic definitely shifted our focus to the home,” Rubin said. Page six.. “I had a lot of respect for the epidemic. Like, I didn’t leave my house for the first three months. And so, for me, wedding planning is not really an option.

Fans are now calling on Ruben to use the epidemic as an ongoing excuse when, in fact, she and June mostly know that the wedding will not happen anytime soon. Although the two happily live together, or at least in this case, viewers aren’t buying this whole “we’re focused on home”, and genuinely believe the pair won’t take it down the aisle. Will Oh!

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Does Rubin need therapy?

As Rubin revolves around an epidemic, it is clear that the effects of isolation are certain. Toll on Robin. Many fans believe that her declining mental health and lack of motivation is another reason why the young man is not in a hurry to get married, but it seems that Rubin is taking the right steps to get better. ۔

With Dixon staying in bed until 2 a.m., she contacted the life coach for some help to make it more productive during the day, however, fans believe the life coach is contradictory, and Rubin wonders if he really is better. If she wants to, she should get some therapy.

Fortunately for Rubin, the work he has put in has definitely paid off! Not only is she performing very well, but Robin is back, especially when it comes to her hat line. Although things have turned out well for him in the field of stimuli, he still doesn’t seem to be persuaded to get to know her and Juan. So, will the two really get married? Who says okay?

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