Will Smith and Nicole Kidman win big, but few are watching

The 2022 Golden Globes had big winners. HBO series Succession and Khaki have won top television prizes, and actors such as Will Smith, Nicole Kidman, Michael Keaton and Kate Winslet have won big awards for their work in film and television.

Western Jane Campion Dog strength won Best Picture in the Drama Category and Steven Spielberg’s New Look at West Side Story won the main prize in the music or comedy category.

The problem is no one was watching. None of the winners attended the event that was not televised. Oddly enough, there were no red carpet outfits, no misjudged presenter’s opening monologue, no tearful welcome speeches.


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The real reason nobody watched the Golden Globes

Since the event was not televised or live, and the media were prohibited from covering it in person, the HFPA had to announce the winners. Many people criticized the inappropriate tone of some of the tweets, many of which did not indicate the award won or the work for which they were won. The official Golden Globe Twitter account was forced to apologize after tweeting: “Laughter is the best medicine along with the announcement West Side Story like a winning comedy or musical.

About 70 of the 105 HFPA members gathered for the gala and reception, as well as a small number of recent beneficiaries of the organization’s charitable grants. This is a far cry from the usual stellar ceremony that has been hosted by Ricky Gervais, Seth Meyers and Tina Fey in the past.

Time was investigated last year, raising questions about the ethics and governance of the HFPA, noting the fact that there were no black members in the 87-member group at the time. The HFPA undertook a series of reforms last year, revising its charter, hiring a chief diversity officer and inviting 21 new members, only six of whom are black.

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Despite these changes, the organization struggled to gain favor with the film industry. The HFPA faced a boycott led by leading industry publicists. Tom Cruise even returned his three Golden Globes to protest the lack of diversity among the awards.

Fans complain about lack of stars at the 2022 Golden Globes

Due to the lack of conventional star power, people took to social media to complain, wanting it to be released on a single list and no longer than 90 minutes.

Few of the award-winning stars took to social media to celebrate their victory. One of the few was Rachel Zegler, who won for her role as Maria in Spielberg’s New Imagination. West Side Story. The 20-year-old actress was stunned by her win and noted that it was on the anniversary of her film debut.

MJ Rodriguez also took part in Instagram Live. after becoming the first trans actress to win the role of Blanca in Pose.

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