Winona Ryder shares key insights into what makes working with Keanu Reeves so special

Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves sit down together Today talk about their careers in show business and their romantic comedy Destination Wedding. “I feel very protective of you, but I feel […] I could try anything and he has my back,” Ryder said, trying to explain their close personal bond and their professional relationship.

“It’s rare and it’s also beautiful,” the actor concluded. Hilariously, Reeves started making fake threatening gestures to the cast and crew when Ryder assumed he was protecting her. Unfortunately, Destination Wedding failed to do well at the box office, earning less than half of its budget through ticket sales (via Checkout Mojo).

Ryder and Reeves first worked together on Francis Ford Coppola’s gothic horror film Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but they’ve since starred together in Richard Linklater’s sci-fi thriller Dark Scanner, as well as Destination Wedding and Private Life. “. Pippa Lee.

At this point, both Reeves and Ryder have achieved a career renaissance for the ages thanks to the great popularity of the franchises they work on. ‘Stranger Things’ is second only to Netflix’s international hit ‘Squid Game’ (via Diversity) and “John Wick”, bringing huge box office receipts with each successive record (via cash mojo)two stars more than ever.

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