With Boba Fett’s Book, Ming-Na Wen continues the Disney + Star Wars series started with The Mandalorian.

For her and the rest Boba Fett’s book team, creator of the show Dave Filoni, who also created several animation star Wars series and worked on the first two seasons of Disney +. Mandalorian – “encyclopedia star Wars“Wen says.

Although she is currently “living her fantastic life” in Hollywood, Wen maintains close ties to Pittsburgh, the American city where she grew up.

Her brother and his wife still run the downtown Chinatown Inn restaurant, which Wen believes will “not go anywhere until now” for its high-quality culinary offerings and a loyal clientele.

Wen was also recently asked to sit on the board of the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University, but she was unable to do so due to her crazy schedule. She is a university graduate.

Throughout her career, the actress has played high-profile television roles, including the role of stalwart Agent May in the film. Shield Agents Marvel recently started putting characters from their Netflix series into their big cinematic universe, and Wen would like to see Shield Agents… the gang will receive the same treatment.

“I miss Agent May,” she says. “We have such an incredible, long history. I kind of feel Shield Agents He paved the way. … Agent May and Black Widowthey are best friends! I would really like for this to happen. “

Wen at the premiere of Disney’s latest film about Mulan in 2020 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California. Photo: AFP

Her priority now, of course, remains her role as Fenech Shand through star Wars TV universe. The character debuted in season 1 of the series. Mandalorian, returned in season 2, appeared in animated form during the first season of Filoni. Star Wars: The Bad Batch and for the first time in Boba Fett’s book

For a character originally intended to appear only in this episode MandalorianWen believes Fennek’s acting is “out of body half the time,” and can’t wait for viewers to see her and Boba Fett move across the field. star Wars the criminal underbelly of the universe.

“They have a lot in common, but they also complement each other because she’s smarter on the street and has to live alone,” Wen says. “He kind of needs Fennek’s street mind. This is a study of how they can deal with this underworld. star Wars which has never been explored before. “

Wen performs at the 2021 Game Awards in Los Angeles, California.  Photo: AFP

Wen performs at the 2021 Game Awards in Los Angeles, California. Photo: AFP

Ven is looking forward to learning how Fenech acquired her trading tools, and will also demonstrate to the audience that while Fenech and Agent May may appear similar due to their stoic nature, “Fennech’s morality can fluctuate very quickly depending on what it serves ”, in contrast to the more loyal tendencies of May.

According to Wen, her life has “changed a lot” because of her relationship with Disney. She used to love attending pop culture conventions, but now she enjoys interacting with her fans on social media, because “I’m so happy that I can brighten up their day for a few minutes.”

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