“With love for Russia:” Surprised about working conditions in the United States, the person lists what it is like in Russia.

r / Antivirus Introduce yourself as a sub-reddit for those who want to quit work, find out about quitting work, get the most out of a work-free life, or just against work. Want more information about ideas and personal help in your jobs / work related struggles.

It was built in 2013 but has become particularly popular in recent months. Great resignation. to us Bored panda Has also covered some of his posts on important topics such as Salary negotiation Or Work harder.

Just a few days ago, a member of this online community went by the nickname. u / SlowFlash420He went on to say that after reading these stories, he was forced to think that even working conditions in his “mafia-run” and “kleptocratic” home country were different from many places in the United States. Are better Here’s why.

Image Credit: Bernie Al Manzar (not the original photo)

People appreciated the input.

But some people reminded that Russia is also far from perfect.

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