Woman annoyed that her boyfriend repeats the same joke for 3 months tells him to stop when he doesn’t listen she refuses to talk to him

Life would be much easier if most things were infinite. Not the lousy ones, like death, disease, and destruction, but the good ones, like our time on earth, ice cream, patience, and common sense.

Keep in mind that the last two must be more than one infinity. Especially when it comes to tolerating your significant other’s jokes about him driving piles into the ground faster than heavy machinery.

This redditor recently went to Am I The A-Hole? community with the exact problem she had: her boyfriend is addicted to using the same phrase as the punchline for almost everything he says, and he’s been doing it for over 3 months now.

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What do you do when Pringles, or should I say PwingisHas the joke gone too far and your entire 5 year relationship is now in jeopardy?

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So Reddit user u/yourmumlikes recently reached out to the AITA community, or Am I The A-Hole?, for an opinion on a very annoying issue.

You see, the OP went on holiday with her boyfriend in Tenerife. In the lobby of the resort where they were staying, they heard this Brit, actually quite posh, and his 12 year old son looking around the store.

At one point they were in the potato chip section. The guy seemed to be very interested in Pringles, so his father leaned over and asked him in a strangely cutesy voice: Pwingisfor the room?

One Redditor asked, am I an asshole? community if she’s the bad guy for being SO quiet for a ruthless joke

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The OP and her boyfriend thought it was funny, so of course it became a joke. But she didn’t expect it to be a gag that broke away from its course, but continued its course.

The first few days seemed good for OP. They kept repeating this phrase to each other, and it became the standard way of referring to Pringles.

But, despite the fact that the vacation was coming to an end, the repetition, however, did not happen. It continued outside of it, to the point where the climax sometimes appeared every minute. The boyfriend sometimes “tortured” the OP by starting a sentence and ending with a gag.

Turns out, Pwingis anecdote over the past 3 months has been driven so deep into the earth that it should have melted in the core of the Earth … but not

Image Source: your mom loves

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At the time of posting on Reddit, the joke has been going on for over 3 months and hasn’t stopped. This was starting to literally drive OP crazy, even though she begged him to stop. But it seemed to him that she played along, which only exacerbated the vicious circle.

This was the moment when she seemed to have lost all hope of a serious conversation. To make matters worse, it’s a 5-year relationship for them. At this stage, he should have been “the one”, the person she would be willing to spend the rest of her days with, but after Brock Lesnar jokes with his enemies, she’s not sure which is more.

The OP’s current solution when obvious talking doesn’t work is to flat out refuse to talk to him. Until he stops, of course. But given all that, the nice folks at r/AITA thought it was a very reasonable reaction so far because they don’t see her as a bad guy.

The redditors think that the OP is not a bad guy, as the joke has run its course and should stop, and if not, then the joker gets stupid prizes.

First, it’s not running jokes as well as inside jokes Job. Secondly, the joke is deader than the 2016 dubbing craze, so it’s only natural that the boyfriend should stop. If he fails to do so, appropriate action must be taken. It `s naturally.

Some common people they know who is doing it and how to put an end to it. Say, if talking doesn’t help, try splashing a cup of cold water on them. Or, my personal favorite, cover people in wet spaghetti. This should do the trick.

Seriously, don’t repeat the same joke. For 3 months. At this point it should be something like PSA.

The post received modest online attention, garnering 4,700 votes, several Reddit awards, and was covered by a number of online news stories.

You can check post in context here, or check out any of our million-billion dollar AITA articles here. But why not share your annoying guy stories or ways to deal with annoying jokes in the comments section below!

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