Woman asks if it was wrong to “ruin” thanks because her boyfriend’s mom keeps calling her by her ex’s name

we usually cover AITA, malicious compliance, And petty revenge Stories separately, but this is an all-inclusive bundled package.

reddit user throwaways To avenge her boyfriend’s family, they ransacked their Thanksgiving dinner when his mother repeatedly called him by someone else’s name. Even his ex-girlfriend’s!

I don’t want to go into details because ThrowawayGivings itself has done an excellent job of describing the situation, but let’s just say there was no turkey. Just a lot of screaming and crying.

Keep scrolling to know how the exam turned out. I know I’m not saying much, but trust me on this one. it’s worth it.

This Woman Got So Sick and Tired of Her Boyfriend’s Mother That She “Forgot” Her Name, Made a Point That Women Will Remember

image credit: Drazen Zigik (not the actual picture)

People justified the act of the woman

After her story went viral, she issued an update on the situation

Here’s How To Get It

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