Woman asks if she was wrong to tell her parents that she earns more than her siblings when they tell her to get a ‘real job’

Parents are constantly worried about their children, and because they want their children to succeed, they can become controlling. It may feel like you never get enough and every decision you make is a mistake because you can’t know what’s good for you.

This is especially noticeable when children finish school and it is time for them to decide what they want to do in life. Parents encourage their children to continue to study and pursue a profession. But this cannot be just some kind of profession, it must be profitable, even if the young man is not interested in it.

If young people follow their heart’s desires, it can make parents very angry. This happened to a Reddit user. aitareal job who went against the wishes of her parents, and when she finally spoke to her parents after years of silence, the conversation, as usual, ended in a fight.

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A woman chose a career in caring for children with special needs, but her parents were against

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The Original Poster (OP) is a nanny who works with children with special needs. She currently lives with a family that has 2 children to take care of. Her services are greatly needed in her area as 3 day care centers for children with special needs have closed in the area.

The OP revealed that this job brings her $120k a year. Not only that, she lives with her family in their guest house for free, and her parents even bought her a car so that she can drive her children. Seems like a pretty comfortable life.

They effectively refused to pay for her education and, until recently, did not contact each other.

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The problem is that this career choice has caused the OP to distance himself from his parents as they believe that any childcare related job is not a real profession. They are convinced of this because Aunt OP specialized in child development and does not earn that much.

The parents actually forced the aunt to call the operating room so she could tell her how poor she was. They didn’t want to pay for OP’s college when they knew she wouldn’t be able to find a job that paid enough, so they advised their daughter to choose another profession.

If you are thinking about going into childcare, you must be passionate about it, because otherwise why would you choose such a physically and emotionally challenging field? This was likely the case with OP, who cut off communication with her parents when she entered college and pursued her passion.

Her parents wanted to know how she was doing, how she was doing and what she ended up doing.

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Recently, she spoke to her parents again, so naturally they asked about her work and education. They were unhappy when she told them that she was a nanny and had a master’s degree in special education.

The nanny’s parents were convinced that she had made herself a life of poverty and should have taken a “real” job as her accountant brother or sister nurse.

According to Right, a U.S. accountant with over 10 years of experience earns an average of $61,663. And according to Bureau of Labor Statisticsthe average median salary for a registered nurse is $77,600 per year.

The OP’s answer made the parents go on the tangential that she would be poor all her life, just like her aunt, who specialized in child development.

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Image credits: you / aitarealjob

So out of annoyance at being constantly reminded that her profession would not make her a fortune, she told her parents that they were very wrong and that she was way ahead of her siblings. In addition, in the comments, she talked about her plans for the future, as the children grow up and they may no longer need her help: “The youngest will most likely need care throughout her life, plus they are trying to adopt another child with special needs, so I will most likely be here for a while. And when they don’t need me, I’ll find another family. I’m also putting some of my money in and I’m currently buying a duplex to rent out, so I’ll be fine.”

According to the OP’s calculations, she’ll be able to retire at her 50s, so she doesn’t worry about her career advancement as long as her job pays well and she can ask for a raise every year.

The OP ended in humiliation, so she told them that she was actually making more money than her siblings, who they said had “real jobs.”

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The parents hung up, and the siblings were also very unhappy that she made them look bad.

Image credits: Nenad Stojkovic (not real picture)

While it is clear that the nanny has her whole life thought through, it is not clear what the parents are thinking. What we know from history is that they told the OP’s siblings about her accomplishments and they didn’t appreciate it.

The sister got mad at OP for making her and her brother look bad in the eyes of their parents, and the brother also felt that she shouldn’t have said anything.

Most people in the comments agreed that the OP didn’t do anything wrong because she just proved that her career decision is no worse than her siblings. They felt that her parents should have been pleased with her success, although there were a few people who thought she didn’t need to get her siblings involved.

what are you thinking about? Do you think the OP had the right to tell her parents that she knows how much her siblings earn and that her wages are higher? Do you think the parents took care of their daughter, or do you agree with the commentators who say her family is toxic? Let us know about it in the comments!

But most people on Reddit didn’t think it was OP’s fault and were glad that she was able to make good money at a job she loved.

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