Woman asks internet for advice on how to deal with 2 brothers living together who haven’t even used a vacuum “in the 8 years we’ve been here”

Neighbors from hell come in all shapes and sizes. Mostly the kind that make a lot of noise or shelter someone who makes a lot of noise. Or the type who manage to annoy you by smoking in the shared hallway or banging on your door at 3am because they mistook it for their apartment in a drunken stupor.

But there is a higher degree of hell that a neighbor can create. And that’s without actually directly affecting any other neighbors. Can’t even be seen, frankly. But still manage to create a problem.

One woman recently shared her struggles online with a lot — and I mean a lot. Very-The dirty apartment next door where the residents, apparently, never actually cleaned. He is worried that it is impossible to sell his apartment at this price.

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Hell’s neighbors may vary in their level of hellishness, but none seem worse than those who do absolutely nothing.

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So, a netizen nicknamed ChickyNuggies took to Mumsnet, an English online forum for mothers, seeking internet wisdom on a problem she was facing.

OP lives in a small building with a total of 4 flats- two on the first floor and two on the second floor, each floor has its own entrance. All seems fine and dandy with the upstairs neighbors, but sadly, the next door neighbors are pretty dirty.

And OP means that in the literal sense. Actually, it means it in the most extreme sense.

A woman shared her struggle with an extreme case. Not doing anything From his neighbors, that translated into a mess of an apartment.

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She claims that in the 8 years she has lived there, she has never heard them empty. The whole thing stinks like a literal trash can, while, from the outside, she can see real mold, thick cobwebs, and piles upon piles of dead insects in a sea of ​​dust.

The OP also pointed out that she saw a similar mess in their kitchen. Based on its description, one can assume that the thick layer of tar-like substance is in its final form before it develops emotions, and the piles of garbage bags explain that the apartment has 2 techs every day. Out delivery takes place. Delivery is likely because the kitchen is permanently out of stock.

The OP explained how desperate she felt about selling her apartment when the neighbors had about 8 years of dust and garbage collecting.

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The woman also recalled how the neighbor’s garage was filled with garbage bags, describing it as a “rat den.”

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Now, you’d think it’s their apartment, they’re not actually bothering anyone, so who cares? Well, sure, but the OP explains that they received a letter from the local governing body complaining about the trash but definitely in one of the garages. Rotting The OP never goes there, but since there was a complaint, she checked it out and sure enough, what she saw was described as a “rat den.” And it all belongs to his next-door neighbors. He thought it was remarkable that the neighbors were two brothers in their mid-30s.

This is not the first time a complaint has been filed, as there was another complaint about the brothers leaving their vehicle on the road. It was left unused for so long that a thick layer of green mold grew on it and it was finally pulled down.

To make matters worse, given all of this, the OP is considering selling the apartment and moving to a better place. The only problem is, who would buy a place with neighbors like that?

Commenters suggested several things, while the OP took the opportunity to respond with more context about the situation.

Just think about it: you can see through the windows what’s going on in the neighboring apartment, the complaints are coming in, the garage out back is a disease waiting to happen, and the neighbors do absolutely nothing about it. doing.

“We’re going to be stuck here forever because of them, aren’t we?” End of the OP

Commenters had a lot to say, ask and suggest on the matter. The OP spent some time responding to comments and providing more details. From there, we learn that the gossip on the street is that the brothers have a sad story and the result is that they now live in a one-bedroom apartment.

Others speculated that the neighbors had some mental issues that caused their apartment to be so cluttered. Also, the OP added that she can’t recall anyone ever meeting her, except for the delivery people.

Still others thought it best to refer to the appropriate agencies—environmental health agencies, adult social services, landlords or building managers, or anyone with more power and who is actually a professional. can help remedy the situation.

The OP thanks everyone for the suggestions, pointing out that it’s all in Scotland, and that there’s no building manager involved—everyone owns the house and takes matters into their own hands. Is. Or not, for that matter.

The post gained a lot of attention—in fact, to be featured on the Internet, and to attract several news stories online. You can see it all in context on MomsNet. Herebut not before getting your thoughts and opinions into other forms or dirty. Dirty Stories in the comment section below!

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