Woman blasted for not waking up pregnant partner at end of lunch break

Com- [clap] mu- [clap] ni- [clap] ca- [clap] tion [clap] Is [clap] Key [clap].

No matter where you are, no matter what you do, if you communicate effectively with other people, almost all problems in your life will be solved. .

And if you don’t communicate with others, at least don’t expect them to read your mind, and even more so, blame them if things don’t go as you hoped. Don’t blame. Like hoping your co-worker wakes you up from your afternoon nap at work.

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If you’re going to take a nap and not set an alarm, be prepared to face the potential consequences of falling asleep on the job.

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Reddit user Energetic_Hyena6965, a 24-year-old woman, works in an office job with little rigor. For starters, lunch periods are done in groups, so each employee’s lunch break is at a different time, with groups having earlier or later times, and they apparently overlap.

They can’t even bring any snacks to their workstations Because computers. Finally, bad things can happen to good people if they arrive late at their desk.

So, one happy Friday, Ann, the OP’s 6 month pregnant partner, was on her lunch break with the OP. Taking a little nap has become her habit because the baby demands a small sacrifice.

Or, maybe decide to blame someone else for your lack of foresight and force them to seek mass support from people online.

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But, unlike most days, she didn’t wake up in time to go back to her desk. She always does, even if she doesn’t normally set an alarm for it, but she fell asleep 30 minutes into her work time.

The OP also spent her lunch break in the break room, scrolling, knowing her partner was napping on the couch, but mostly zoned out due to her ADHD. So, when she left the break room at the end of their scheduled lunch time, she did so while still inside. Its zone.

After 30 minutes of saying that, some other colleagues noticed that OP’s colleague Ann was not at their table. After a quick search, they found him fast asleep on the break room couch.

The OP contacted the AITA community with a situation where he was being accused of not waking a colleague despite what he said.

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Given the tough work environment, the boss finds out and warns him about it. This warning immediately spread to the OP in the form of entitled accusations.

Apparently, Ann was under the impression that, since she and the OP shared a recess, the OP Considered to wake him up so he doesn’t miss the rest of his shift. On top of that, he told Energetic that he was selfish and uncaring. And to make matters worse, many colleagues began to side with Ann on the matter.

The OP came back with the idea that if Ann can’t wake up for work, then maybe she shouldn’t even sleep on the job in the first place. This infuriates Ann even more, and keeps saying that it’s the baby, not hers.

The situation escalated when the OP was accused of being careless and selfish, and other co-workers started siding with the “victim”.

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Energetic indicated that she would have woken him up if Anne had asked him. He claimed that there was no evil intention. But here we are at r/AITA.

The OP provided a bit of context as to why and how this happened in the form of edits and replies to comments. This is where he explains that he has ADHD and therefore didn’t notice Ann the whole time. Also, she explained that Ann always woke up on her own, so the OP never had to worry about her.

And people thought the OP was clear. Anne failed to raise an alarm, and that alone makes it her fault, but the added privilege and all the companions gathered around her made her an even bigger bad guy in the situation.

But people online were having none of it, pointing out that the OP is clear because people need to take responsibility for their own mistakes.

Some explained that being pregnant does not give people a “free pass” to pass responsibility onto other people. In fact, he’s an adult, which makes him even more of a jerk in the matter. And yet she has the audacity to call the OP “selfish and uncaring”?

According to people online, the OP was in no way obligated to do anything in this situation, and the AITA community left it at that. NTA.

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