Woman caught on video hits and spits on passenger in a furious tirade mid-flight

The video showed a woman who beat and spat at the passenger during the flight.

The mid-flight tirade began aboard a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta.

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Now, the issue of wearing masks has been the subject of controversy for over a year now …

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Because, unfortunately, a huge number of people are still protesting against wearing them in public.

In recent months, more and more people are joining the anti-mask movement …

Many argue that wearing a mask during a global pandemic “is against their human rights.”

Wearing masks can help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

However, some people still refuse to do this.

Research has shown that there may be a reason why people disagree about wearing face masks.

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“Faced with uncertain situations that we cannot control, we try to use them wherever we can, so we feel safe,” said one expert. HuffPost

“Some will feel safer using their control over putting on the mask, while others will feel safer using their control over putting on the mask.”

Unfortunately, even though the pandemic has started for over a year, some people still don’t see the benefits of wearing a mask.

Thus, disguise protests continue around the world.

But with the rise of anti-mascots, increased tension arises …

And on a recent Delta flight, that tension has skyrocketed.

The woman was arrested after the video showed a physical assault on another passenger in flight.

In the video, the woman appears to be arguing with the passenger over the wearing of masks, and this has sparked controversy on the internet.

The incident occurred on December 23 on a Delta Airlines flight from Tampa to Atlanta.

The woman, named Patricia Cornwall, was accused of “causing riots” during the flight, resulting in “other Delta passengers and staff injured,” the Atlanta Police Department said in a statement. statement

In the footage of the incident, Cornwall stands over a male passenger, repeatedly urging him to “disguise” himself.

Cornwall can be heard wearing his mask on his chin and telling the man, “Put on your fucking mask!”

Before he answers by saying, “Sit down, Karen!”

When Cornwall continues to shout “disguise,” the man claims to be eating.

Before, in the end, the controversy flares up and Cornwall can be seen slapping the man in the face.

“Now they will put you in jail! This is an attack! “The man shouts.

The flight attendant begins to hold back Cornwall, but not before she seems to tilt her head towards the man and spit in his face. Independent reports.

Cornwall is then led down the aisle and shouted, “You fucking piece of shit.”

When the plane touched down at its destination, Cornwall was arrested for his behavior.

In accordance with New york postPolice said in a statement, “Based on the statements and visible evidence collected, the officers detained Ms. Cornwall and contacted the FBI on duty.”

“The officers then moved with Ms. Cornwall to the Atlanta Police Station, where FBI agents reacted and took Ms. Cornwall into custody.”

The charges against Cornwall have not yet been released by the police.

Delta spokesman said New york post in a statement: “Flight 2790 from Tampa to Atlanta was met by law enforcement after an undisciplined disturbance of order during the flight.”

“These situations are rare for the vast majority of our customers and Delta strongly discourages unruly behavior at our airports and on board our aircraft.”

You can watch the full video below.

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