Woman cooks dinner for studious boyfriend who “jokingly” abuses her, leaving her slumped on the carpet

When you’re intimate with someone, you want to believe they know you like the back of their hand.

Your mother’s maiden name, what foods you absolutely can’t stand, how you drink your coffee, which family members you secretly despise – and for that matter, whether or not you’ve ever hurled obscenities at yourself. There are fans of using, even a little “jokingly.”

Of course, some things are meant to be kept private – for example, pointless and intimate matters that are of no importance to your partner. Yet, let’s face it, some things don’t need to be said out loud purely because they’re straightforward.

Similar conflicts are easier to deal with when your significant other is willing to listen. However, when a man is in his thirties and unable to apologize, maybe it’s time to give your relationship some serious thought.

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Sometimes little things like internet trends can make you see your partner’s true self.

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AITA for dropping our dinner on the floor and walking out when my boyfriend asked me ‘what’s for dinner tonight, b*tch.?’” – This woman turned to one of Reddit’s favorite communities and wondered if she was a jerk for throwing a pot of pasta sauce on her significant other’s carpet to which she responded. “Jokingly” it was described as an offensive slur. The post received nearly 44K upvotes within a day, as well as 1.9K comments discussing the situation.

The woman dropped her dinner on the carpet after the colleague called her a derogatory term which she later blamed on a popular online prank.

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The woman began her post by explaining that while she was at her boyfriend’s apartment, she decided to do a nice gesture and cook him a home-cooked meal as he was busy studying for his exams. She made pasta and a chunky sauce with meatballs and lots of vegetables, and when she told him dinner was ready, the man went: “What’s for dinner tonight, b*tch?” , really emphasizing the dirtiness

OP went to her colleague’s house to cook a home cooked meal for her as she was busy preparing for her exams.

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The OP had a rough day and has some terrible association with that vulgar term from being used by abusive people in her life, so she got so angry that she threw a pot of pasta sauce. Dropped right on the floor. The woman then said that there was nothing for dinner now and that she had better never let the man use that word again.

Surprise, surprise, the guy was just focused on the fact that the pasta sauce landed right on his carpet and declared that the woman was “seriously acting like an ab*tch right now.”

When he told her dinner was ready, he referenced a TikTok trend that included an offensive slur.

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The author of the post stormed off, grabbed takeout for herself, and went to her friend’s house. The friend thought the whole situation was hilarious – however, the OP’s boyfriend was livid. He kept texting her, calling her and sending her voice notes trying to explain that the phrase was part of the Tik Tok trend.

Naturally, the woman thought it was the dumbest excuse ever, because no social media trend could ever justify someone using a derogatory term, even if it was with malicious intent. done

The woman lost her cool, dropped a pot of pasta sauce on the floor, and walked out.

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Still, nothing changes the fact that this guy sincerely thought it was funny to insult the OP when she was doing him a favor. She had taken the time to come knowing that he was probably too tired from all the studying to make her a nice dinner, and she decided to thank him by calling him rude. What a thoughtful gentleman.

In the end, the woman decided to put her phone on “do not disturb” and shared a bottle of wine with her friend and her roommate.

The man continued to justify his “joke” and later demanded that he clean the carpet.

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A day passed, and in the morning the boy sent her an angry message asking her to clean the carpet as he was too busy with his exams. The woman was surprised that he left her overnight, so she replied that he should leave her alone until she was ready to cook and clean up after herself.

The author of the post refused and told her to leave him alone until he was able to do things on his own.

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He called her and told her that he was fine with doing his own housework – however, he had spilled a full pot of pasta sauce on her carpet, so she had to clean it up, according to him.

The lady also mocked her poor excuse and said she was starting her own trend called “sousing”.

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The OP responded by saying that he’s no longer comfortable helping her with her chores if he considers her his b*tch. She happily adds that she’s starting her own trend called “sousing” where people throw pasta sauce and he can’t be mad because it’s all a joke. Of course, the man said he didn’t mean it and reiterated that it was all a trend.

The boyfriend hangs up, leaving the woman wondering if this trend will be the end of them.

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The person got angry and hung up, leaving the OP to wonder if this ridiculous online trend would be the end of them and if she might have overreacted.

Due to the post going viral, the OP decided to add additional commentary.

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As the story received a lot of attention from community members, the woman was forced to edit it and add a bit of additional commentary.

Some netizens questioned whether she ever told the man that she was not comfortable using such words.

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Some wondered how the guy would know the author of the post wasn’t being called an ab*tch, and the woman said if someone reaches the age of 30 and doesn’t realize that women aren’t fans. are Because of his use of abusive language against them, they are simply beyond his help.

To which the woman replied, “It is not something that needs to be told.”

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The OP then went on to say that this type of information is not something that needs to be shared. It’s pretty self-explanatory, and she shouldn’t spend her whole life telling every man she meets that she doesn’t appreciate the derogatory language being used towards him.

What do you think about this story? Would you have handled it differently?

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